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Built on a lifetime of business experience. From John Lewis to Waitrose.
The more you nourish
employees the more a business flourishes.
I’m on a mission to nourish people and businesses,
giving them the ideas and tools they need to flourish.

About Mark From nourishing the nation
to nourishing business

Mark Price is a businessman, writer and former government Minister of Trade. A former Managing Director of Waitrose, Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership and Chairman of Business in the Community, Mark has spent over thirty years unlocking the power of people in organisations. He is passionate about creating engaged and happy workforces who in turn create longer-term sustainable success for businesses.

Mark Price

Mark's PhilosophyHappiness is the secret ingredient for extraordinary

I don’t believe in a dog eat dog approach to business. I believe if people are happy and fulfilled at work they will go on to achieve extraordinary things for the companies they work for. I believe business is a force for good in society. It has the capacity to create a fairer and happier world. Happy isn’t a hippy concept. It’s a serious tool for business. The happier your employees, the happier your customers, the happier your business.

  • “One of the most significant business leaders of his generation. Mark proves that you can be both commercially successful and ethically responsible. In the long term that's the only sort of business that's sustainable."

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Tools for BusinessWorkL

The Power of a happier workforce

WorkL is a ground breaking new service created by Mark Price, the former Managing Director of Waitrose and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership. Driven by his belief in the potential of happier employees to transform businesses, Mark has developed a set of simple tools for companies and individuals to use.

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EngagingBusiness helps teams and whole organisations gauge how happy people are in work

Set up and run a cost effective
happy at work test.
Create a happier and
more effective team.
Create job adverts and use the WorkL perfect job matcher to find the best candidate.
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WorkL helps you to manage and make a success of your career

Measure how happy you are at work and compare against others from around the world.
Set your profile to ‘discoverable’ and WorkL will be in touch when there is the perfect matched job for you.
Read business stories, challenges and ideas of others from around the world, comment and get advice. The WorkL 'Mentor Matcher' service is now live.
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Fairness for All

Books for Business Fairness For All

An inspirational guide to unlocking the power of employee engagement. Drawing on his experience of and involvement with the much celebrated John Lewis Model, Mark offers a roadmap to business success by putting people and fairness at the heart of what you do.

“Excellent insight into how John Lewis partnership and Waitrose inspire their employees and the must be aspiration for mobilising loyalty within which has a profound effect on business success”

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Workplace Fables

Workplace Fables

A treasure house of business stories gathered from a career that spans over 35 years. Over a hundred fables full of wit, wisdom and wonder that will inspire you with real-life examples for a better working life.

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Six Steps

Six Steps To Workplace Happiness

A practical toolkit to create happier employees and happier customers. An indispensable step-by-step guide to creating happier workplaces from a business leader with years of hands on experience.

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Mark also offers company training courses, consulting and speeches focussing on creating happier and more engaged employees.

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Food &
Children's Writing

Mark is not only passionate about nourishing businesses.
He also writes children’s and food books to nourish younger minds and grown up appetites alike.

The Great British Picnic Guide

The Great British Picnic Guide

Packing up a picnic hamper, throwing a rug in the car boot and savouring an outdoor feast is a time-honoured tradition that never fails to excite and delight. For adults the word picnic evokes warm childhood memories and the enjoyment of simple pleasures, and for children its suggestion of fun and treats brightens up the dullest of days.

“I am absolutely thrilled with this book.There are some fantastic simple and easy recipes and the locations are beautiful..making you eager to go to each one. A must buy for those family outings.” Amazon User

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The Food Lovers Handbook

The Food Lover’s Handbook

A timely and topical guide for foodies and everyday shoppers, this book dispels unhelpful food myths and provides fact-based, unbiased accounts of where food comes from, the morals behind different production methods, and why prices and taste vary. This book will equip readers and shoppers with the tools they need to be able to make informed decisions about what to buy and how much to spend.

“Great Christmas gift. No waffle, just pure facts about lots of different foods and drinks-where they come from and why they cost what they do!” Amazon User

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“What shines through in 'The Food Lover's Handbook' is Mark's love for and knowledge of food. Forty five chapters full of information about where our food comes from and why it costs what it costs. A book to explore and feel your mind expand.” Heston Blumenthal

Nourishing young brains
and helping them grow

The Foolish King

The Foolish King

The Foolish King, is an enchanting tale for our times that combines a powerful introduction to the greatest game on earth – Chess. The perfect read to nourish younger minds.

"One of the most entertaining and inventive introductions to chess ever created." The Lancashire Evening Post

"This is a very clever book ... Rusty parents should sneak a read!" The Independent

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